World Time Attack Challenge 2018

Modified cars don’t make sense to a lot of people. This is especially the case when you find out how much people spend. But for me, a modified car is your way of standing out from the crowd and being unique. Every day I look at my car, I look at it as so much more than just a method of getting from A-B. (More often than not, the destination ends up being a workshop)
Bring in World Time Attack, a culmination of all automotive walks of life. Originally a platform for speed demons to race and complete their fastest flying lap, WTAC over the years has also introduced some alternative competitions including drifting, fastest 500 and the show and shine, this year run by Downshift.
Driving through the darkness from our Airbnb, we arrived at Sydney Motorsport Park as the sun began to rise, providing some much-needed warmth for the show and shine’s bump in. The great thing about shows of this size is the diversity and quality of vehicles; there’s something to suit every automotive enthusiast. 
But more than cars, events of this scale are about friends and your automotive family. A time when you can switch off of social media and just be there, in the moment. Hopefully, my album shows that.

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