My introduction to E-Sports

E-Sports is relatively new to most people and is quite often overlooked. But my first ESP event, the League of Legends OPL Finals, showed me that it was nothing to be overlooked.

Shooting on behalf of Andy Green and the games creator, Riot Games, I ventured down to Rod Laver Arena to see what all the fuss was about. Greeted by a display of huge LED screens and gamers that were treated like celebrities, a sense of anxiety and excitement filled the room as The Chiefs took on the undefeated, Dire Wolves.

Whilst I didn’t fully understand the game itself, the one thing I took away from the day was the immense passion that these players and fans have. I see a lot of it in my line of work, be it automotive, music or sports, and the emotion shown at the OPL finals showed me that E-Sports is going to be a very loved and popular sport in years to come.

Mercedes A-Class Launch event

Last month with OneTwo Agency, I covered the launch of the new Mercedes Benz A-Class. Held at Mercedes Me store in Melbourne’s CBD, the night was hosted by comedian Dave Thornton and featured a range of speakers including coder Ally Watson(Girls who Code) and gold medal-winning swimmer Cameron McEvoy.

A stunning chrome wrapped A200 became the feature piece of the room, with an array of neon lights and mirrors making the room feel like a step into the future.


Sunday Ride @ Mt Macedon

Setting your alarm for 5:30am on a Sunday morning doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to most people, but for myself, it’s the sign of a great day ahead.

Usually, I refuse to shoot photos when we go out riding; days on the bike are a great chance to get out and escape for a few hours. However last Sunday I made the choice to sit back and focus on shooting, with my friend Tom, who was happy to oblige. 
Below is a small section of shots from the day.

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